Baby Leo Designs let you fly!

Baby Leo's funky, urban designs are full of imagination and possibilities! Baby Leo has a lot to offer - they have burpees, bibs, and blankets (available in three useful sizes). I really like the way they combined retro and modern fabrics/colors to create the unique designs that will never go out of style and are sure to become your child's favorites.

They also have capes and I am a huge fan of their capes! These capes are nothing like the cheap impostors that Velcro to the back of your kids PJ's. Baby Leo's capes are made the way capes are meant to be. The fabrics are luxurious (the inner lining is a velvet chamois and the cape has a hand sewn wool felt applique) and the designs are unique. They even send you the cape in a velvet carrying bag to keep it looking beautiful when your child isn't playing super hero in it. The cape uses a snap closure to keep it around your child's neck and to top it all off it's machine washable - this is a big plus because my son seems to think he should wear this everywhere, even digging in the dirt.

When we took our cape out of the bag and Connor put it on he instantly became a combo of Superman and Spiderman. He charges through our house chanting "Super - man" and spraying what I can only assume are webs in my direction. He honestly believes this cape makes him a superhero. Watch our little video of a Baby Leo Cape to get a better idea:
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Chris said...

That's great. Tell Connor to wear it on Saturday.

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