Pets that let you use your imagination!

Plaja Pets were not only fun for Connor but they let his imagination do some of the work. The cute animals use magnets to attach their heads and tails. This feature allows you to swap their heads and tails with the other animals. It kind of reminded me of a new-age Mr. Potato Head except much cuter, he has lots of buddies and it's really cuddly and soft. When Connor first started playing with the Plaja Pets I was surprised to see how he only wanted the animals to have the corresponding heads and tails on them. I kept wondering "does he know how to think out of the box?". It only took him a few minutes to realize how much fun it was for him to be the animal creator. He was quite proud of his various animal creations and would choose a special one each night to be his bedtime buddy.

One of the most brilliant things about Plaja Pets is the limitless options they have to offer. Every time you purchase a new animal it's as though all of your animals are new. You now have so many new options you can create among your plush pals. They not only offer the full size animals but they also have mini Plaja Pets that come in a easy to tag along tote. I love to take the mini set with me when I'm running errands. Connor will sit in the buggy and play with his animal creations. Not only does he enjoy designing new animals but he creates personalities for them - they hug, talk, and dance. I am really exciting to see a toy that encourages him to use his imagination!!!

Here is a little video of Connor playing with the Plaja Pets:
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