Wipe away your boogie problems

"Snot your average wipe"
is their slogan and they are telling the truth. Boogie Wipes have been a lifesaver in my home. I'm not sure if it is just because he's two but my son is in love with his boogies. You might think love is a strong word to use with boogies but I am not kidding. They are really special to him. He saves them and it causes tears when I make him use a tissue.

I am so tired of seeing that familiar snot trail smeared across my little angel's face (sorry, this might be a little nasty for the non-mommies). When I use the regular baby wipes on his face I have to scrub and scrub - Boogie Wipes are different. They have a unique saline formula that instantly gets that stubborn mucous trail to hit the road.

I've somehow convinced my trusting little man that Boogie Wipes are a secret place for his Boogies to go. He thinks he is special when he uses a Boogie Wipe. I have put a pack in his room and other locations around our house to give him an alternative to his finger and hands. I think his acceptance of Boogie Wipes over the baby wipes and tissues has to do with two things:
1- They are quick and mommy only needs to do one wipe to clean him off - no pain for Connor and much less time he has to stand still
2- They are for Boogies and he knows it - he just thinks they are special (although I have
found that they work great on a peanut butter and jelly face too)

I am glad to have reached a boogie truce. It is so nice not to have to chase my boy around the house just the wipe his nose. I am also thrilled to see the end of the boogie storage on the part of my son. He just gets a Boogie Wipe and says goodbye. Thank heavens for the little blessings in our lives.Best Blogger Tips

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