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If you're a regular reader of Now What Baby then you probably have noticed that I love Boon Products. I love the design, style and pretty much everything else. I have been playing around with their Potty Bench and I really wish I had this before I bought 3 other potties for my son.

Let me make you a list of why this potty is better than my other potties:
  1. It becomes a bench when you are not using it. So you can use this potty long after your child has started using the "big" potty and it makes a great bench to sit on when you are bathing your kids. Already this potty is 3 products in one.
  2. I love the little orange thing on the potty - I'm not sure what the technical name for it is but I can tell you what it prevents - pee all over the toilet seat and the floor. I like to call it the "urine blocker". None of the other potties I purchased had that useful little detail.
  3. It has storage on the sides of the potty. So smart - I love anything that provides me with a way to hide the ever accumulating clutter in my home. Right now we are using the handy toilet paper roll on one of the side storage pockets for it's rightful use - toilet paper. However, I have big plans of using it to store bath products (shampoo, soap, etc..) when my son no longer uses it for a potty. On the other storage pocket we have wet wipes and a couple little books Connor believes must be read while using the toilet. I will not tell you where he got that idea - I'm sure you can assume.
  4. It is really easy to dispose of the contents your child will leave in the potty - you simply pull out the bowl (which is designed to pull out just like a drawer) dump it out, rinse, and you are done. So much easier than changing diapers!!!! Too bad I'm about to start all over again in a few months.
  5. I can't stress enough how much I think this is a stylish potty - it doesn't light up and sing (thank goodness) - it looks sleek. Trust me, check out the other available potties and you will come back saying "yes, the potty bench is the best looking option". I don't rush to hide this when guests come over. You can turn it quickly into a bench and it won't gross anyone out.
  6. It's very affordable- pretty much the same price as all the other potties and you can use it as a bench too.
Ok- I'm done and I have a little video of the Potty Bench in action for you:
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