Chocolate Cake Anyone?

The Chocolate Cake Club is a great website for finding gifts or products that you need as a parent. I absolutely love the Sugar Booger Diaper Bag Organizer Pouches that they sell at the Chocolate Cake Club. I can't wait to use these with the new baby but they have actually been really useful for a toddler as well. The Organizer Pouches come labeled dirty, clean, extras, and goodies. It is really nice to be able to toss the dirty clothing into a pouch instead of my diaper bag allowing it to mingle with the other clean clothing. I love the clean pouch mainly because it eliminates any confusion for whoever is in possession of the overnight/diaper bag. I'm using the goodies pouch to store my lip gloss and the extras for a few of Connor's trains. I know that these pouches will be filled with pacis, rash cream, lotions, and much more when I have a baby but I like that I can use them for lots of items. The clean and dirty bags are big enough to fit a whole outfit in - I was really pleased with the size when they arrived. Oh- and lets not forget how cute they are!

The Chocolate Cake Club offers so much more than just diaper bag organizers! They have really great toys and it's easy to find what you need because they allow you to search for gifts by age and recipient. They don't just have stuff for moms and kids - they have gifts for teachers, grandparents, father's day and so on. They also allow you to search for products by need. I love the products they have to help teach kids good habits.

We found the Feel Better Frog at the Chocolate Cake Club. My son has had so much fun playing with this adorable little frog. He comes with a bottle, soup & spoon, thermometer, band-aid, blanket, and a tissue. The frog tells your child how he is feeling. When you put the tissue up to his nose he sneezes. When you put the spoon to his mouth he makes an eating sound. I really like the idea that this little frog lets your child play doctor but also learn to help care for someone else. It has made Connor want to run around with a tissue trying to get everyone to blow their nose.

I plan on using the Chocolate Cake Club as a one stop shopping destination for my gift giving needs. I might also use it to get myself a gift every now and then too (shhhhh...)

A little video of Connor playing with the Feel Better Frog:
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