Tummy Honey by Bella B

I just love trying out anything that will help get rid of my stretch marks! I wasn't aware of stretch mark prevention products when I was pregnant with Connor and unfortunately I have the stretch marks to prove it. Bella B has a great line of products to help moms-to-be or moms who already have the stretch marks. I love their Tummy Honey Line!

I have probably been over-applying their Tummy Honey Cream but I want to get rid of those stretch marks! It has a unique plant extract that is proven to fade stretch marks typically 30 -50% or more. I would love to see a 30% fading on mine - especially before swimsuit season.

I also really like that the Tummy Honey comes in a stick form. It is so quick and easy for me to rub on my tummy. I'm bad about making time in my day for beauty rituals and it's easy for me to leave this in my purse and apply it anytime I have a minute. The Honey Butter isn't greasy and it has been great at moisturizing my skin.

Bella B products are made up of natural ingredients - so no fear - they are safe for you and baby. They also make products for so much more than just stretch marks. I love their Bright Eyes Triple Action Eye Cream. I suffer from dark circles that never go away. It is great to find a product to help me attack them! Visit Bella B and check out their nursing line, body products and their face products. You can find something for your head, tummy, and toes at Bella B!Best Blogger Tips

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