The ultimate in luxury changing stations

Ah Goo Baby's Portable Diaper Changing Station is so luxurious I want one my size to relax on. The changing station is made with contouring memory foam. It is really amazing because it is just like my memory foam mattress pad and yet it's still machine washable. I'd say baby's living the high life.

Celebs like Naomi Watts, Amanda Peet, Marcia Cross and Patrick Dempsey are all owners of the Portable Diaper Changing Station and I can understand why. It really is so soft and the pad is really thick. The patterns the pad is available in are chic and stylish. Then there is the easy way it rolls up and fits into your diaper bag.

I have decided to leave mine downstairs as an alternate changing spot. The pad is really contemporary and it fits right in with my decor. I'm not even going to roll it up! I also think it would be perfect to leave one at grandma's house and one in my car. I think I just need one of these everywhere! Lucky for me it is really easy to tote with you.

My son loved the pad. He was pretty good when I changed his diaper on it -as good as any toddler boy is when having his diaper changed. But he really liked it as a nap spot. He actually put it in the shopping cart when we ran an errand and used it to nap on. It must be pretty comfy if you can use it to sleep in a shopping cart!

Ah Goo Baby has a given my lucky readers a discount of 15% when you use the code NWB530 at the checkout!

Here is a little video we made:
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