21 Weeks - My maternity wardrobe in a box

The Maggie Box is perfect for a maternity wardrobe. It came with all the basics you need when you become pregnant. The clothing is made of breathable, stretchable, jersey material. It really is just as comfortable to me as my favorite sweat pants!

The Maggie Box will work for you from your first trimester on to post-pregnancy. I know I sure didn't snap back to my pre-pregnancy size clothing for many months after giving birth. All I wanted to wear was comfy and easy to put together clothing.

This box has all your options covered - you get pants, a skirt, a tank and a 3 quarter sleeve top. It gives you options that you can wear to work, out to dinner or just to relax around the house. I love that all the pieces are black because it's not only slimming but it will go with everything.

I have found limitless outfit combinations using my Maggie Box. I really like just wearing the pieces together because they truly are so comfortable - I can't stress that enough! If you don't want to spend a lot of money or buy lots of maternity clothing buy the Maggie Box, with that and a pair of maternity jeans you would be pretty much good to go. If you want to have lots of clothing the Maggie Box is a great way to make sure you get all your basics covered. Maggie Maternity also has lots of other great clothing on their site. I'm loving the Jersey Jumper!

Here are pics of me wearing the contents of my Maggie Box - the pants, skirt, top, and tank are all inside the Maggie Box!

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