A Swimming Pool in a Can?

Splash Cool is a great way to escape from your day. When I first received my Swimming Pool in a Can, I was amazed at how refreshing it is. You spritz your face or whatever you so desire with sterilized water. It is instantly hydrating and because it contains no chemicals, simply water, it won't irritate your skin!

Here are some of the many uses we have found for this delightful new product in our home:
  • A great way to wake up in the morning - it certainly helps me get up and going
  • It calms down my son when he's throwing a tantrum
  • A great help to me in cooling off when I wake up overheated at night
  • I can't wait to use this when I'm at the pool or beach
  • It will definitely be in my overnight bag for when I go into the hospital to have our new addition - I think the mist will be so refreshing when in labor
  • It would be perfect to use after you workout - maybe it will motivate me to exercise
  • I've tossed the small size into my purse and even used it to help rehydrate my always too dry skin
You should definitely give this little product a try. Who wouldn't like an easy way to feel refreshed and hydrated?Best Blogger Tips

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