Punk Rock Lullaby

Punk Rock Lullaby offers an alternative to the typical mom-2-be tees and gives you the perfect comfy tanks. The material on these tanks is perfect whether you're expecting a new addition or not. They instantly snap back to their original shape as soon as you take them out of the dryer and they stretch as far as you need them too!

The Mom created clothing line has just been added to the celebrity Bump Bags - full of fun merchandise for the famous expectant mommies. Another great reason to check out Punk Rock Lullaby is for your baby or your dog - yes, your dog! Punk Rock Lullaby offers cute tees for your canine prince or princess with witty sayings like "1st born" and "scratch me".

I got to try out the turntable tank and I love it! I have already gotten so many compliments about the design. It's hard to still feel hip and in this tank - I feel like I'm not a boring mommy. I know I will be wearing this long after the baby arrives!

My modeling pic :)
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