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Georgie Tees have the motto "Humor. the only way to survive." and they have certainly got the humor aspect covered. The line was created by two friends who have a total of eight kids between them. Something tells me they know a lot about how to survive.

They offer tees for pregnant mamas and infants both guaranteed to make you smile. Here are a few of my favorite maternity & infant tees:

    • "no longer childproof"

    • "made it past third base"

    • "jack was nimble, jack was quick"

    • "I wasn't born yesterday" - this is for infants

    • "heavy drinker" - this is for infants too - it has a bottle on it

My son got to try out their "Sharp Shooter" tee and we were very happy with the quality of the shirt. He had a lot of fun posing for these photos:

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the girls of gt said...

Thanks so much for posting about our tees--LOVE the slide show! What a handsome guy!

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