"Sensuously aromatic organic body oil"

I must sing the praises of Mama Belly Oil from the Baby Bear Shop! For starters it smells amazing. It has a scent a mixture of lavender and mandarin, the combination leads to an exotic scent. Secondly - it's organic - composed of various oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, lavender oil, and rosehip oil to name a few.

Third - It has so many uses! It provides protection from stretch marks, so you can use it for a belly rub on an expecting mom. I love it as a massage oil for both your baby or yourself. The scent is so relaxing and soothing. The best thing about it for me was adding a few capfuls to my baths. The tub became a relaxing spa and it really hydrated my skin. You can also apply it after a shower to help avoid dry skin and add some glow!

Baby Bear Shop has several products that both mom and baby can share. All of their products are organic and made from natural ingredients - so have no fear - these are safe for you and your kids!Best Blogger Tips

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