Have you visited Studio Cherie?

If you haven't been there already you should check out Studio Cherie. I have really been enjoying using the Studio Cherie Compact Travel Pad/Bag. It is perfect for diaper changing on the go! Every since my son entered his toddler years I have been tossing a few diapers in my purse and heading out the door. The Compact Travel Pad/Bag is so convenient because it's small and perfect for taking just the necessities. It fits right in my purse.

I have to admit it has been nice to have a pad to change my son on again (I really like that it is machine washable!) But the best part about it is the way your wipes are secure and easy to get to. You are no longer rummaging in your bag to find them and trying to keep them out of your child's reach while holding their legs in the air. When you need a wipe for their face or hands, you don't have to open the bag - the wipes are right on the front - easy to get to!

I would recommend this for moms who don't really need the whole diaper bag of stuff anymore. It's quick, easy, cute, soft, and really affordable. However, If you are still taking the big diaper bag, it would be really easy to toss this pad/bag in. I also love the idea of leaving this gem in your car or stroller. It would always be there in a pinch.

When you check out Studio Cherie - don't miss the Crypton Bags. They are super cute and really functional! Also pay notice to the many adorable options available for the Compact Travel Pad/Bag, it comes in lots of other prints besides zebra.

You can get your own bag at Studio Cherie and receive 10% off when you use the code NWBB. The Compact Changing Pad/Bag is only $34 and with 10% off thats a deal!

I did a little demo of me showing how to use the pad/bag:
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