MD Moms got it right!!

Md Moms products are developed by pediatrician moms and maybe that is why they work so well! I really like their line of products called Baby Silk. I love their on the go set because it is so easy for my to toss in my diaper bag and then I'm always prepared. The on the go set includes everything a mom needs like silky liquid powder, hair and body wash, moisturizing balm (which I keep using for myself), and diaper rash cream. MD moms have made their products to prevent skin irritation - they use high quality ingredients like marine silk (increases moisture retention) and licorice extract (calms irritated skin) - and all of their products have a great scent.

I think my favorite Baby Silk product is the sunscreen towelettes. Putting on sunscreen is a huge, squirmy battle at my home. We are pretty hard core about sunscreen ever since we had a skin cancer scare. Whenever we go outside I put sunscreen on Connor. You would think he would have gotten used to this idea but he has just gotten better at hiding and escaping my grip. The sunscreen towelettes are not only quick and easy for me to use but Connor can do it himself. In his never-ending "me do it" phase this product is saving my mind and time. My husband really likes the towelettes as well. They don't irritate his skin and they are really convenient. It's easy for him to apply sunscreen in the car on his way to work.

Celebs are singing the praises of Baby Silk. When you go to MD Moms page you can see an impressive list of celebrities who love to use Baby Silk. Big names like Jennifer Garner, Christina Aquilera, and Nicole Richie. So if you don't just take my word for how great Baby Silk is - you can also see what the famous momma think!

In the video you can see how easy it is for Connor to use the sunscreen towelettes:
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