22 Weeks - I found a tee to match my art

I really like the tees available at Bumpstyle. They are all on size fits all and that makes me feel certain that no matter what size my baby bump may grow to - they will always fit me. The stretchy fabric on the tops is so comfy but it still looks cute and stylish.

My favorite thing about Bumpstyle was the designs they offered on their tees. My favorite was the dandelion design but they also have lily's and blossoms - just to name a few. I like the simplicity of the designs and the fit of the tees so much. I love how long they are - maternity pants either ride low or have a band so it's really good to have a top you won't have to worry about exposing your expanding parts.

Check out Bumpstyle's great cap sleeve tees and long sleeve tees. This is a top that you can wear pregnant or not and it will definitely stay in style for a long time. Do dandelions ever go out of style? I would consider them to be artsy not trendy. Here is a pick of me wearing my Dandelion Cap sleeve tee (notice it goes really well with the painting on my wall - weird huh?)
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