A better way to make them stay in bed

Since we finally convinced Connor to stay in his bed at night and out of ours - we have only had one problem. I can't stop him from running into our room as soon as the sun comes up! It seems like the sun just keeps coming up earlier and earlier. It would be one thing if he wanted to lay in bed with us, but he wants breakfast and to play trains. I am not a morning person.

Enter the KID'Sleep clock - a sanity saver for sure. This clock is so cool. I love that it has so many uses. When your child is smaller you can use it as a night light only. When your kid is a toddler it is great because they don't have to be able to tell time to learn you can't come in Mommy's room until 7:30. You simply program the clock like you would an alarm clock and select the option that does not ring like an alarm. At night the bottom half of the clock will be lit up providing a soft night light and at 7:30 (or whatever time you have selected) the top half of the clock will light up. A toddler CAN grasp this concept.

We started off setting the clock for 7:00 and then each night pushing it back a little more. I'm hoping to someday get to 8:00. He understands that while he does not have to stay in bed, he must play quietly in his room until the top half of the clock lights up. It took about three mornings of walking him back to his room and explaining this concept but he has it down now. I am so thankful for this clock!

It will grow with your child too. As they get older you can use it as a normal alarm clock. It also comes with changeable face plates. They include one extra plate with your clock and you can purchase additional options should you want to change things up. The extra one they include is a plate that pictures only night time - so you would want to use this one if you were using the clock as a night light only. If you are struggling with the early riser try this clock out. It might get you the extra sleep that you really need. I know it has for me.Best Blogger Tips

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