The Boob Tube - not just tv anymore

I was so pleased to get to try out some of Mama Mio's amazing products! Mama Mio's products have one countless awards and are raved about in so many magazines. The Boob Tube is a favorite to celeb mommy Victoria Beckham and model mommy Christy Turlington is a fan of their pregnancy products. Expectant Mommy's deserve a little pampering and I was thrilled to get to use a product the celebrity's have used! Who doesn't like to feel a little famous?

Mama Mio's products did not disappoint. I tried out the Boob Tube and the Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil. The Boob Tube is a product whose motto is "aim north, not south". Let's be honest, after having a child our breasts are not in the same perky place they once were. Boob Tube aims to help us with the pesky gravity problem that is suddenly plaguing our breasts. It is also has a great cooling sensation on your itchy stretching skin.

Boob Tube is made with avocado oils, shea butter and CoQ10. It smells great and is made with ingredients that are safe and healthy for the soon-to-be-mommy. Use Boob Tube during your pregnancy to increase the flexibility and elasticity of your skin. If you continue to use it after your child is born it will help you to achieve a firmer, more toned skin. Boob Tube isn't just for pregnant women, all women eventually face the battle with gravity one day - start preparing your skin now!
Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil is made with rosehip, wheatgerm, and borage oils. I don't know what all that is but it smells amazing and it rubs on the skin smooth. It's free of synthetic fragrances and petro-chemical colourants. Mama Mio is committed to keeping you safe and sound. I have really enjoyed using this product. Winner of Pregnancy & Birth's Best Pampering Product Award, it's the perfect massage oil! If you can't request massages when pregnant, um when can you? When it is first applied you can tell how strong the oil is because it doesn't sink in instantly. I like the idea that the oil is staying strong and protecting my skin! Using the oil will help you prevent those pesky stretch marks from appearing. It must work pretty well because it was winner of Pregnancy & Birth's Best Pampering Product Award!

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