Who dosen't like a bag of books?

The Gifted Grasshopper makes these adorable bags filled with books that are the perfect gift for any occasion. You go to the website and pick the age of the child you are sending the bag and then you select a category you think they would be interested in. The Gifted Grasshopper takes care of the rest. They have packages for as low as $19.99 and you can choose how many books you want in the bag. I adored the cute glasses and stuffed grasshopper that came in the little tote bag.

I love the idea of sending one of these bags to a new sibling or for a birthday. They feel so special and customised . My son was so excited when he saw the box on our front stoop. He was thrilled with the book they had chosen for him. It has trains in it making it his new favorite book. After he opened the bag he instantly sat down with his stuffed grasshopper in his arms to read him the new book. It is a really cute gift!

Here is our video of him receiving his Grasshopper Bag of Books!

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