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The Blessed Nest has a great, versatile pillow for any mom. The Organic Nesting Pillow begins as a pregnancy pillow and then becomes your nursing or feeding pillow. I loved the shape of this pillow and the way you could adjust it to meet whatever position you needed. The cover is made of lightweight 100% cotton and the top and bottom of the pillow are covered in 100% organic cotton French Terry. The fabric on this pillow is so soft and the slipcover is removable for easy machine washing. They also offer the slipcovers in so many cute but contemporary fabrics so you won't be embarrassed to have this pillow lying around.

The inside of the pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls. It reminds me a little of a bean bag but it is much more lightweight. When I first received the pillow I thought it would be uncomfortable because of the buckwheat fill. I stand corrected. This pillow is so comfortable because it easily conforms to the position you need it in but it also provides firm support.

We have found several uses for this pillow already. I love using it as a pregnancy pillow. It provides me just the right amount of support and has been a great help with getting comfy at night. I love the soft material! My son has decided it should double as his pillow for watching movies or reading books. But I can't wait to use it as a nursing pillow!

The Blessed Nest also has a great new pillow called the Nest Egg. Similar to their Organic Nesting Pillow, the Nest Egg is made from 100% organic cotton terry or sateen fabrics and is filled with organic buckwheat hulls. The Blessed Nest is great for any eco-minded parent. The Nest Egg is there to help you with any extra support you might need. You can use it for your head or to give your baby's head some extra height. You could use it to rest your arm or for whatever your heart desires and it's the perfect size to take on the go with you.

My son really enjoyed using this pillow. He likes to take it in the car with him to rest his head on. He also likes to use it for his stuffed animals to sleep on and it is just the right size for a pillow for his head. I have found it useful when on the computer to use for a little back support in my chair. I'm fairly certain when the new baby comes we will find tons of uses for this handy little pillow!

Here is a little video of my son's experiments with the Organic Nesting Pillow and the Nest Egg:

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Donna at Blessed Nest said...

wow what a wonderful post. Your son is so cute!! I love the song...just amazing!!
Thank you!!

ps I may have to brag about you and post this video on our blog..Do you mind??

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