Belli - for you and your baby

Why do I like Belli? I love that they have put so much time and research into making sure that their products are safe for Mom and Baby. They screen their products to be certain that there are no ingredients linked to birth defects or harmful effects during breastfeeding. When you are pregnant or a new mom there is already so much to worry about without wondering if your face wash is going to be harmful to your child. When you buy skincare from Belli - you don't have to worry (at least that is one thing you can cross of your list).

Belli has products that cater to three categories - Belli Pregnancy, Belli Motherhood, and Belli Baby. I tried out the Belli Motherhood Eye Brightening Cream. This cream not only refreshes tired eyes (if only toddlers slept in I might not have this problem!), but it also hydrates your skin. This cream will help brighten your dark circles and minimize fine lines around your eyes. Now mom has a new secret weapon to looking well rested. I also played around with Belli Baby's Talc Free Powder. Why talc free? Recent studies have shown that talc can be harmful when inhaled into a baby lungs. I'm sure your newborn won't be caught in a closet sniffing baby powder but it can fill the air when you apply it. Better safe than sorry. Besides - this product is great at keeping your baby's bottom dry and diaper rash free. All that and it smells good too! Belli Baby also offers great products like Hair/Body Wash, Lotion, and Diaper Rash Cream.Best Blogger Tips

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