The Sippy Cup of Kiddie Bowls?

Can I please just say "thank you" to the brilliant mom and dad team who invented this out of this world product. I'm going to have to throw out all my other kiddie bowls because to me the Loopa Bowl can't be beat. I feel like all I do is follow my son around and pick up his trail of snacks. I know he is little and accidents happen but do they have to happen all day long? They don't anymore!

The Loopa Bowl looks like a UFO to me and Connor thinks it is a toy. It's really easy for him to hold on to the sides that looks kinda like a ring encircling a planet. The inside of the bowl flips and spins with your child's movements and keeps the snacks from spilling out. We played around with this neat-o dining device and found you could actually turn it upside down and it would not spill. The only way to dump your snacks out of this bowl is to toss it up in the air and even sometimes that fails to make a mess. The bowl also comes with a lid, so you can toss it in your diaper bag and say "bye-bye" to picking up the snacks your kid spills at wherever you might go.

Watch the video below to see the Loopa Bowl in action - this is one of those products you have to really watch to understand!
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Lori A. said...

That looks awesome! I could have used that when my son was younger! :) Definitely something to consider for baby shower gifts!

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