Fun Felt + Giveaway!

Fun Felt ($2.99) - Think of it as a felt board that never runs out of options. Your child can chose from 90 individual shapes, colors, and letters. The app also lets your child control the size of each shape and the rotation of it. When they complete their masterpiece - it's super easy to share their picture and to save it to your device. Be on the lookout for the upcoming update that will include: Social Networking links (facebook, flickr, and twitter) and also the addition of some extra tools to make it even quicker and easier to create beautiful artwork! 

Thoughts from a 5 year old: He will spend endless stretches constructing unique pictures and designs. In the beginning he made a lot of trains but now he has moved into faces, patterns, and more. I never cease to be impressed with the creative ideas he comes up with during his felting sessions.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He really got in touch with his artistic side. After a short demo explanation from his older brother he was off and running. It was not too difficult for him to figure out but he did tend to create repetitive designs from one shape. No matter what his final product was - he was very proud of it!

Mom's Take: I liked that they have endless creative options within the app and the way it kept my children engaged. It's also nice for them to be able to build and design within an app - certainly cuts back on what I have to tote!
Simply Stated: This perfect for creative thinking and entertaining. It will definitely keep young minds amused for a good while!
 We have 5 free download codes to giveaway! To enter to win visit Qurios Entertainment and comment back with the answer to the following question: What makes Fun Felt an app you would like to win? The deadline to enter is June 9th at midnight EST.

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