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At Now What Baby, we love to review all types of products in hopes to provide parents with a well rounded outlet to find out about products for all aspects of their lives. If you have a product or run a shop that you would like to see reviewed on Now What Baby, we would love to hear from you!

Below are the guidelines and rules for the reviewing process. Please read them thoroughly before contacting me.

  1. In order for us to consider reviewing your product please send an email describing what you would like to have reviewed and we will reply to let you know if we are interested. If you have not heard from someone after a few days feel free to contact us again. Sometimes things get filtered into spam and we never even see the email.
  2. You must send out a sample of the product you would like reviewed and it must be a new (not a refurbished or used) sample. Once we receive that sample it becomes the property of Now What Baby. we do not return samples. All of the products reviewed on Now What Baby have been personally tested by the members of the NWB Team. We can't guarantee it will stay in the pristine condition it was received in, especially where children are concerned. Under special circumstances we will consider doing a product review on a loaner basis. This must be negotiated before you send the sample. Please include your press kit (you can also email this if you would like to save on paper).
  3. Once we have received the product you would like reviewed it usually takes anywhere from a 2 weeks to 2 months to get the review up. It depends solely on the amount of products that are currently waiting to be reviewed. Reviews are written on a first come basis but there are always exceptions. If your product has been selected to have a video review - it will take longer (it takes time to edit and film the product in use). If you want to have a video review made be certain to arrange that with us prior to sending the sample for review.
  4. If during the testing process we find that we are not satisfied with the product - We will email you and explain the problems. We do not post negative reviews. we simply do not review the product if it isn't something that we feel should be recommended to our fellow moms. We will not lie about a product and we do not write paid reviews.
  5. If you are a boutique or shop owner who would like their store featured on Now What Baby you must also provide a product to be reviewed. You can either allow us to shop for a prearranged amount on your site and then write about the shopping experience and the goods received or you can negotiate with us some products that we would like to review from your store to feature on Now What Baby showing why they should shop with you. Rule #2 will still apply to you.
  6. We strongly suggest but don't require that you also provide readers with a discount code or sponsor a giveaway. Sponsoring giveaways are the best way to get feedback about your product. In order for any of my readers to enter they must visit your site and comment back with the answer to a question of your choosing. If you choose to sponsor a giveaway you must supply an additional product for the prize. We prefer that you ship it direct instead of sending us two products but we are flexible.
Contact us at - submit@nowwhatbaby.comBest Blogger Tips

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