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Shape Builder - The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game: Made up of over 146 different puzzles, this is an app to keep your young one busy for the long haul. Each puzzle contains anywhere from 5 - 10 pieces that snap into place when correctly inserted their spot. Once the puzzle is completed a licensed speech therapist says the item in the puzzle as it the real image is revealed. The app is designed to promote fine motor skills and cognitive thinking for your preschooler. ($0.99 for iPhone)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: Although he would whiz though the puzzles, he still enjoyed the app for short stretches of time. It's a bit to simple for him.

Thoughts from a 2 year old: This app could not be more perfect for him. He loves completing the puzzles and always says the puzzle item aloud along with the speech therapist. He is very proud that he can solve them all by himself and he enjoys putting them together for 30+ minutes each time he opens the app.

Mom's Take: I love this app. It is such a cool way to keep a preschooler busy. I can tell it has made a difference on his vocabulary and the way he pronounces his words. I also love having tons of puzzles for him to put together without having to keep track of all the pieces myself.
Simply Stated: In the preschool app market this is one of my all time favorites. It's the one you will recommend to friends and the one that will save your sanity on grocery shopping trips. Not to mention - it's a great learning app for your child!
 We have 10 free download codes to giveaway! To enter to win this great app visit Murtha Design and comment back with the answer to the following question: What kind of work does Murtha Design like to do? The deadline to enter is June 6th at midnight EST. Please be sure to leave your email in your comment.

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