Kids Fireman + Giveaway!

Kids Fireman: Let your child pretend to be the fireman with this adorably interactive app. They get to drive the firetruck, dress the fireman, climb the ladder, put out the fire, save the cat, and that's not even close to all. The bright colors and fun scenes will keep your child entertained for a good while. It's perfect for any child who wants to be a firefighter, but even if that's not their current career wish - this app is still highly engaging to pretty much any young child. ($1.99 for iPhone or iPad)

Thoughts from a 5 year old: He liked to try out every aspect of the app but he did quickly lose interest after completely them all. It's definitely better for children a little younger than him (he's almost 6).

Thoughts from a 2 year old: He was obsessed. He will play this game for ages. He loves to save the cat and climb the ladder. He just can't seem to quit. He also loves putting the fireman into his uniform. We quickly made sure to have this on every device we own because he is such a fan!

Mom's Take: I thought it was a really cute and smartly designed app. It's perfect for preschoolers. My son has played it so much that I permanently have the song stuck in my head. In fact I catch myself humming it throughout the day... "hurry hurry drive the fire truck"!
Simply Stated: It's a fun app for young children and it is very easy for them to figure out on their own. It's engaging and will be one they continue to enjoy.
 We have 10 free download codes to giveaway to some lucky readers! To enter to win a code visit Kids Fireman in the app store and comment back with the answer to the following question: What are the three App Store categories that Kids Fireman was featured in? The deadline to enter is June 6th at midnight EST. Please be sure to include your email in your comment!


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