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My latest obsession is the site Pinterest - if you haven't heard of it yet...let me warn you - it is consuming. I have now become craftier than ever, thanks to this idea filled site. I started keeping a list of all the projects I wanted to complete on our marker board. The problem with this - in addition to it being boring - is that everything tends to blur together and it is far from an organized method. Plus - my shorthand can get a bit confusing for anyone trying to participate. My project board also is filled with activities for the kiddos and since they can't read yet - it's not the best way to involve them as well.

I was looking at one of my favorite crafting sites - Brassy Apple and I saw her idea for creating a Summer Activity Board. It's not exactly the same as her brilliant plan but it certainly inspired me to give my project board a much needed facelift (I really love the way she used images on her board)! I tried to create a tutorial for my Project Board renovation - not sure if this will be helpful for anyone but please bear with me this being my first craft tutorial attempt and all.
  • Bulletin Board - I had an old one in my basement that I used for this project but they are under $10 at Walmart
  • Hanging Tags - If you can find tags without the hanging ties that is even better
  • Glue Sticks
  • Paint & Paint brush
  • Thumbtacks
  • Scissors 
  • Print off thumbnail sized images of your projects (I added text to mine in Photoscape - which is a very easy photo editing software you can download for free)
 I created mine on the computer and then I laminated it. The lamination is far from necessary - I just like to use my machine whenever possible :)
This was by far the most tedious part of the process but I was so pleased with the end result!
Then cut out each of your project images and use the glue stick to attach them to your tags. I cut of the string that would make them hang. My images were printed thumbnail size and fit almost perfectly to the tags. I few of them needed minor trimming. I put them on the tags because I wanted the paper to be thicker and I liked the look of them. Plus thanks to the built in hole I can easily take some down and put them on a ring when I'm running errands. This makes it much easier to remember what projects I wanted to buy supplies for while I'm out.
Then you simply place your idea tags onto your bulletin board with the thumbtacks. I used some color coded organization with my thumbtacks. The blue thumbtacks mean I need to buy some supplies before doing the project (this is perfect because I can grab some of the tags on the way to the store and easily know what I need to buy). The green, pink, and red are my way of putting projects into order of importance - you could also divide them by category. I'm thinking of going back and making one color kid projects, one my projects, and one honey-dew projects. The yellow thumbtacks are the products I am in currently in the middle of and the white are the ones I have complete. Yes - I currently only have one white thumbtack....baby steps.
I'm very happy with the end result - for me it makes projects much more inspiring to begin. I also plan to write the date completed on the back of the tags (hopefully there will be more than one to do so on).

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