We got a facelift and it's pretty obvious (oops)

Hey NWB readers! We got a facelift at Now What Baby. This should explain the recent small lack in posting because I have been hard at work trying to change things up. Nothing was wrong with the old way or anything but I get bored pretty easily. I also decided it would be so much better to go for a simple easy to scroll layout - going along with the less is more motto here. Now you can enjoy reading our newest posts with a whole lot less clicking and navigating. I hope that you like the new style as much as I do. Please note that the header is still under construction because it is kinda an eye sore for me right now.

You might have noticed that we no longer have the label cloud on the side bar - have no fear - you can still read NWB by the label system. All those pretty little pictures underneath the header labels are links to your favorite categories. If you hover over any picture it will tell you the label. We no longer have a giveaway tab on the menu bar but you can click the giveaway link on the sidebar instead.

Two pretty cool new features you can enjoy from us are the highlighted notes at the end of the post and a heart rating system. Now when you read a product review on NWB it will be rated on a scale of 1 -5 (5 the best) and you can read the highlighted "Simply Stated" section next to the heart rating to find out why it earned so many or so little. All of the Daily Photo posts will also have a "Simply Stated" section on the bottom with a favorite quote from the post or just a little something special I added.
Simply Stated: I really hope that you enjoy our facelift and would love to hear your thoughts!!
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Living Hip Today said...

I love it! It's clean, easy to navigate, and loads quickly!

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