Celestial Moisturizer uses the power of Vanilla Water

A good moisturizer can be hard to find. One of my all time favorite brands Lush has created a moisture filled solution that keeps my skin looking fresh all day. I am hooked on Celestial - it's wonderfully soothing and calming to my sensitive skin. It goes on light, cool, creamy, and then it locks moisture in for the entire day. There is no greasy residue on my face! The secret weapon to this high preforming treat? Vanilla Water. Vanilla is my all time favorite scent but I had no idea that natural vanilla spice oil is actually really good at preventing redness and reactions. It not only smells incredible but it also soothes & locks in moisture. My husband is even hooked on this moisturizer. He is always asking me for something to help with his dry skin and once I let him try this one out - he only wants to use it.

You can get Celestial for yourself from Lush for only $22.95.
Simply Stated: We gave it a 5 heart rating for it's amazing hydrating powers, lovely light scent, and working so well with sensitive skin. It gets the job done - no complaints. 

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