Just in time for the final days of National Nutrition Month!

My kids love trains. Probably not a new concept to any parent of boys but trains are a bit of an obsession. Thus it's far from shocking to me that they are huge fans of PBS Kids adorable series Dinosaur Train. What is surprising to me is how informative and interesting the show is even to me. I've learned more about dinosaurs than I ever expected to and it is such a welcome change from the typical train documentaries my oldest son likes to inflict upon me. We recently got the opportunity to review Dinosaur Train - Pteranodon Family World Tour Adventure and my boys were pretty excited. The DVD comes complete with 8 fun episodes and even includes an interactive game and coloring pages. It was a big hit in the NWB household. Jackson even lasted the entire program before getting up and begging to put on his batman costume (this is a huge accomplishment if you know him). I was really impressed by how much Connor retained from the episodes - he even comprehended and started using the word nocturnal (correctly too!). It was slightly less impressive when he tried to convince me he shouldn't go to bed because he was nocturnal. If you haven't already watched an episode of this wonderful show you can catch one on PBS or you can get your own copy of this great DVD from PBS Kids for as low as $10.99 (at least on amazon).

Before National Nutrition Month passes us by (not that you need a special month to be nutritious), Dinosaur Train has a bunch of great suggestions on how to incorporate some nutrition in your family's life. They suggest taking a Brachiosaurus Picnic (complete with green juice and dino shaped sandwiches) and even include a game, recipe, and show clips to make it exciting. It also includes a helpful song about everyone pooping. Although I would prefer this not become a daily anthem - it is a good teaching tool and my kids found it to be hilarious! Another helpful suggestion is to visit the American Dietetic Association and take a look at all the great ideas they have for healthy snacks for kids. My kids loved their idea of taking a banana, dipping it in yogurt, rolling it in crushed cereal, and then freezing. They had as much fun making it as they did eating it!

A few other things to check it if you are interested in Dinosaur Train. You can watch clips, play games, and print activities from the Dinosaur Train site. You can also learn more about the Jim Henson company and check out Jim Henson on facebook & twitter.

Special thanks to PBS Kids for providing a DVD sample for review purposes.

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