Lusting for this Splendid style!

I have always admired the style of Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba - usually the clothing they wear is way out of my price bracket. Admittedly, they are still a little high for me but fortunately not out of reach! I am constantly struggling to find clothing that I like to wear when I am pregnant and it appears that these two preggo style icons have down it effortlessly. You can get both of their tops from Splendid and if you are anything like me - you'll stumble upon tons of other options you'll be drooling over. Victoria is wearing the Vintage Whisper Racerback $44 and Jessica has on the Oatmeal Streaky Stripe Tank $63. The entire Splendid site is filled with stylish but loose & comfortable items that would be perfect for 1st & 2nd trimesters of pregnancy and then you could still wear them after you had your little one. Another couple items to add to my bday wishlist!

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