Say goodbye to makeup lines with the BeautyBlender!

I constantly have makeup lines. Unfortunately, I usually don't notice them until after I leave the house or when I see a picture of them glaring at me. I don't think that it's a matter of me being makeup challenged but instead being without the right equipment. When I saw the beautyblender I was uncertain if this pretty sponge (which reminded me of an Easter egg) could really be the answer to my poor blending woes. Surprisingly, it is the answer. The beautyblender made it really easy to apply my foundation flawlessly. The unique shape not only allowed me to get access to hard to reach areas but it also eliminated the streaks caused by applying with my fingers or those cheap foam sharp-edged sponges. I also really liked how easy it was to apply makeup around my eyes with the pointed tip!

New techniques were learned too - thank you beautyblender! You simply wet the beautyblender, place your foundation on the round bottom, and then basically bounce the applicator against your face to apply your makeup. Apparently this bouncing concept is common knowledge to skilled makeup artists but it still sounds strange and I was pretty sure I would wind up looking like I had leopard spots on my face. Yet it really does an amazing job and the coolest part is that it did a great job of working with the texture of my skin. I have blotchy raised areas on my cheeks and usually they look cakey when I apply foundation. Using the beautyblender left those areas looking even with the rest of my face. You can even use the beautyblender to apply blush to your cheeks, so you no longer need to carry lots of different applicators for your makeup. Another added plus - it's easy to clean and maintain (no need to keep buying and tossing sponges). All you have to do is wash it after each use and place it back in it's pedestal case to dry. It's latex free, non-allergenic, and odor free. I really like the soft suede texture. It feels so smooth and clean when I use it to apply my makeup. This non-disposable, eco-friendly beauty solution can be purchased from a number of retailers - Sephora has it for $19.95 for one or $25.95 for two (it would be nice to keep one in your makeup bag and one in your bathroom).

Simply Stated: I love this magic pink makeup solution. You simply have to try it yourself to see the difference.

Special thanks to BeautyBlender for providing a sample for review purposes.

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