18 weeks: Damo Momo makes maternity style look easy & affordable!

I'm just at the point in my pregnancy where I look like I've been eating way too much junk food. In all honesty - I probably have but if people would look a little closer they would see it is actually a baby bump. When I shop for maternity clothing right now I'm looking for 3 things - comfort, hiding my lump, and that it will still look good when my lump is a very clear big bump. Unfortunately for me, it is not that easy to find something that fits those 3 requirements. When I found Damo Momo I was thrilled. They nailed my maternity wish list to a T! They completely grasped the concept of an elegantly flowing garment that is also extremely wearable. I can see me wearing almost all the items in the collection to the park with my boys or being able to dress them up for a night out with my husband.

One thing about Damo Momo that sets them apart from other brands is their commitment to the environment. All of their products are made with eco-friendly fabric and dyes. Their clothing is all produced locally in California and they even use renewable resources to get the job done. I got the chance to try out the "Twinkle, Little Star" Maternity Shirt and I was extremely pleased. I liked the way it was thoughtfully cut to allow some flow in the midsection. The fabric is VERY soft and comfy - it's made using bamboo and organic cotton jersey knit. The fabric has just the right amount of stretch but it still maintains it's shape. I appreciated the longer length in the back - this is great for me because I am always bending over to pick up something or some child and it keeps my backside from being exposed. Maternity jeans tend to slide down on me for some reason.
While the top fits me very well right now - I can tell that it will also look good as I continue to get larger. I can even see wearing this after baby arrives because the cut is very forgiving to post baby weight. I could easily dress this top both up and down - so I appreciate it's versatility as well. Check out the full line of Damo Momo options - there is something for every expectant mother and there are also some seriously cute baby clothing. I am loving the adorable panda inspired apparel (especially the hat). I would strongly recommend Damo Momo because of the quality, the way the company cares for the environment, the style, and the affordability. The cute top I'm wearing only costs $29.99 and that gorgeous evening gown above is only $98 (if you have ever shopped for a flattering full length maternity evening gown you know what a steal that is). So expectant mamas and parents of little ones - you can shop Damo Momo online here.
Simply Stated - I was really impressed with how soft and affordable the clothing is but I wish the top was a tiny bit longer in the front. 

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