Fore!! Axel & Hudson - Golf Inspired Style I Love!

The search for boy clothing that I actually want to put on my children is a constant struggle. So you can understand why when I caught a glimpse of the clothing from Fore!! Axel & Hudson - I was thrilled! This golf inspired line was created by a golf loving father. I love that he found a way to take some of the old school golf styles and make them look so modern. This is a line of clothing that I found to be incredibly clever and completely adorable. These are the type of clothes that even dads will be noticing and probably wondering where they can find in their size.

My oldest son loves to dress up and it drives me crazy because I do not see any need for a bow tie and blazer jacket in a pre-k classroom. I love that the clothing from Fore!! Axel & Hudson has that simple elegant style but also does it in a way that feels casual enough for any event. This is a happy compromise for the two of us. I keep looking through the entire collection for a piece that I don't love and I can't find one. That is such a reverse experience for me - typically I'm trying to find just one piece I don't hate. It seems to me that they all instantly give your little one that smooth, cool without even trying look - especially if you top it off with one of the hats.

You can purchase the collection from Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. I also found it for sale online at Best Dressed Kids, Izzy and Ash, and Cute Toot. The prices are reasonable too - especially if you are in a situation like me and the clothing you buy just gets passed down from boy to boy. I always try to factor in how many children will actually wear the item and then make sure I buy something that is timeless - that way in 3 years when Jackson gets Connor's cardigan it still looks very cute. Not to mention quality is pretty important if you want it to last over time - since I'm pretty sure our baby number 3 will also be a boy - any clothing that I purchase for my kids will be getting plenty of use in our home; so I need to be certain that I'm buying a top I want to have to see worn again & again! I'm confident that the clothing from Fore!! Axel & Hudson are creations I will be happy to see reappear.

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