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I don't really know what I did to survive car rides, shopping trips, and longs sits in waiting rooms before I had an iPhone to entertain my children. I'm pretty sure my kids don't think there is life without these gadgets. In the past they were obsessed with youtube - which was ok with me because they only watched videos with trains (usually model trains) and they were typically without dialogue, just some random musical accompaniment. Recently I discovered that they had branched out from the world of trains and are now into comedians with puppets. One in particular who has a skeleton puppet meant to be a deceased suicide bomber (not exactly appropriate for my young children). They have taken to constantly repeating his catch phrase which is: "silence, I kill you". If you were to watch the clip it is rather funny but I certainly don't want my 2 year old saying it on repeat. Thus, youtube is now banned in our home to our little guys (if only I had the ability to delete that app)!

Thank goodness for this wonderful new app called Mobile MUM. I absolutely love this app and my kids do too! Basically it is like having a tv channel streaming straight to your phone only on this channel there are no commercials and the programming is all parent approved. I no longer have to worry about them stumbling upon something that I will spend months trying to remove from their vocabulary. Plus the shows really appeal to both of my children (5 and 2). I love that as soon as they select the app it instantly cues up a show. There is no need to search for anything - it's just instant entertainment. The thing that impressed me the most was the clever controls. There is simply one blue button that your child can push when watching a show - they can't pause and fast forward. It is very simple and it doesn't leave my two year old constantly stumped. Once your child presses the blue button it takes them to a screen with three other colored buttons - orange (new, new), green (more, more), and red (again, again). If they push the orange they get a different program, the green a different episode of the same program, and red will play the same program again. It took my 2 year old very little time to grasp this concept and now he is completely hooked. My 5 year old will patiently watch a whole show and my 2 year old is constantly changing from one to another. Bottom line - they are both entertained and it's with programs I approve.

You can get this app for your iPhone, iPad (that app even comes with games), android device or even your computer. The app is free and then you sign up for an account. The price is very reasonable at $3.99 a month for a single device and $4.99 for up to 4 devices. This is less than the cost of renting one movie for your kid. Your child will get to enjoy programs like The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That, Sid the Science Kid, Busytown Mysteries (Richard Scarry's memorable characters), Noonborry and the Super 7 (my 2 year old's fav), Jim Henson's Pajanimals, Dive Olly Dive, Chloe's Closet, Will & Dewitt, Animal Atlas (my 5 year old's fav), Pocoyo, Hopla, and Mighty Machines. There is certainly something every little one will enjoy. You can even enjoy a free 30 day trial by signing up at Mobile MUM.

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Anonymous said...

I would say the 'mobile babysitter' aspect is what intrigues me the most. Love my other apps for the doctor's office.

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to your email. Thanks!

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