Exergen's Temporal Thermometer has my vote!

I wish I had discovered the Exergen Temporal Thermometer before I bought three other ones. I tried the basic thermometer but I was never able to get my child to hold it in his mouth and the whole rectal thing just grosses me out. So I tried the pacifier thermometer and I will say that one worked really well. The downside is that your child will outgrow it quickly and you will have to purchase another one. Next I bought an ear thermometer, that one really freaked out my child. He still does not want me to put anything near his ears, so there went more of my money down the drain. Finally, I bought the Exergen Temporal Thermometer! I love this product. It is quick and very accurate. Since I don't have to place it anywhere in my son's body it's no problem with him. All you have to do to use is run it gently across your child's forehead. No longer do I have to wake my finally sleeping sick child to see if they still have a fever - the process is so invasive that they will sleep right through it. Then there are the lack of battles to get your child to let you take their temperature - it even works on your little baby. This is the perfect thermometer to me and for only $30 - it works hard for the money! You can get one pretty much anywhere, including Walmart, Target, BabiesRUs, and Walgreens. I can only hope that you read this before you bought as many thermometers as I have.

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