VDay Gift Pick: Get Crazy with CrazyLibellule!

Perfume is a classic gift for Valentine's Day but why not take it to the next level with CrazyLibellule's Perfume Sticks. These are such an awesome alternative to liquid perfume and chances are you'll never want to use a spray again. Here's what I love about the perfume sticks from CrazyLibellule:
  • They are so not messy (won't spill in my purse either)! I have always been a fan of solid perfume but this is my first experience with a stick. It makes is so easy to apply and my fingers don't end up with an overpowering odor.
  • They are entirely recyclable and are not tested on animals!
  • Their alcohol free which means not a hint of the scent will evaporate over time.
  • They are made using mineral wax because it while it softly melts like a lipstick - it leaves behind no greasy residue.
  • They are ultra gentle on your skin, even sensitive skin and contain no parabens.
  • The packaging is so beautiful! I love the glamorous and retro feel.
There is a huge selection of fragrances to choose from and each scent has a helpful picture that displays the different notes (even shows what is stronger or softer). I had the chance to try 4 different scents and they were ALL wonderful. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Fruit Sorbet (a mix of iris, raspberry, rose, musk, and vanilla). I am always partial to anything Vanilla and if it smells like something I would want to eat - I'm sold. This sweet and subtle scent is so delicious. I can't wait too smell it as I apply it and I enjoy each whiff I get of it throughout the day! This Valentine's Day why not give your sweetie and collection of lovely scents from CrazyLibellule? I would recommend one of their Crazy Sets because they come beautifully boxed up with 3 different perfume sticks inside!

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