VDay Gift Pick: The Jawbone ICON

As far as bluetooth headset's go - the new Jawbone ICON would be the Rolls Royce in my book. The 6 different styles of ICON are like nothing I have ever seen before - they're stylish, elegant, and modern. Actually, everything about the ICON is impressive right down to the packaging. It comes in a clear container appearing to float inside the package. It wows before you even unwrap it. Once opened you discover that it comes complete with 3 fit earbuds, 4 round earbuds, and an earloop. What this means for you is that you no longer have to settle for one size fits all. You can customize your ICON to fit the way you want it to, whether it be looped over your ear or snuggled inside. I usually hate the way earbuds feel because due to what I can only guess is an abnormally tiny ear - they actually hurt the cartilage inside my ear. I assumed that the ICON earbuds would be the same, but to my surprise - it fit very comfortably and stayed in place incredibly well!

There is even more to love about this stylish hands free device! The sound quality is incredible. It actually uses technology that was developed for use in tanks and helicopters. It is the only bluetooth headset that has a Voice Activity Sensor - which actually feels your speech - making it possible to distinguish your voice from the background noise. It then uses it's NoiseAssassin technology to eliminate the background noise making your voice crystal clear.

I was really thrilled with the ease of use from the moment I opened it. Pairing it with my iPhone took about 2 minutes and once paired my phone displayed an icon showing the amount of battery left on my ICON (much like the one displaying the iPhone's battery status). You can simply touch the talk button on your headset to hear how much battery life is left or double press the talk button to redial the last number called. It will even tell you the number that is calling you, preventing you from needing to check your phone before answering. If you install some of the MyTALK DialApps then you can do cool things like voice-to-SMS, voice dial, even post to twitter just by talking. You also have the option of connecting it to more than one phone at the same time - so if you are like many and have a personal and a work cell - you can get calls from both devices to the same headset.

It charges with the included USB charger or the included wall adapter. I love the way the USB charger elevates the ICON. It not only looks cool but it keeps me from accidentally sitting on it. It charges quickly and will give you up to 4.5 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time. I seriously LOVE this headset. If I am on the phone then I am using my ICON. It makes my driving much safer, my typing skills greatly improved, and it not only keeps makeup residue off my touchscreen but it keeps me from accidentally muting, holding, or pressing speaker on my calls. I can now change a diaper, prepare dinner, even bathe a toddler without worrying about dropping my phone in something damaging or having to find a way to do these tasks with just one hand. It is a really helpful device to have would make a great gift for both male and female. My husband has certainly been admiring mine! Check out the Jawbone site to get your own or to buy one for that special someone on your Valentine's Shopping List (trust me - this will get a better response than flowers!).

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