Like a little parrot

I've always heard that kids retain everything but I never fully realized it until Connor started talking. If your child hasn't started speaking yet - FILTER NOW. You will be shocked at what comes out that you said 6 months before they even uttered "Mama". Yesterday I heard my eldest parrot in his room talking to his brother - bear in my his brother is only 1.

Connor: Jack, your are going to get peanut butter and jelly all over my bed. Mommy just cleaned my bed (translation - I changed the sheets).

Connor: Jack what if Mommy had just cleaned your bed and I got peanut butter & jelly all over it? Wouldn't that make you sad?

He said is so calm and sweet. It was word for word the way I try to rationalize things to him and honestly - I never thought he was listening. As for the outcome of the bed - it was covered in PBJ.

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lfhpueblo said...

I love the picture you posted of him. So much expression. Too cute!

Amy said...

CUTE! Yes, my son chooses to repeat things we do not want him to say (of course). ONE time I slipped and said "I'm gonna spank your butt if you don't ..." Now of course that's all I hear from him. We don't even spank! That just tells you what a crazy day that was (No, I didn't spank him and no I don't usually make threats I don't intend to follow up on. Again...BAD day!) Another of his favorites, which he got from watching Extreme Home Makeover edition with me is saying "Oh my God!" Over and over and over. In the grocery store, when he's supposed to be napping, just whenever he feels like it. I've tried replacing it with silly phrases like "Oh fiddlesticks" but nothing is working. I feel like I should go to confession (and I'm not even Catholic) every time he says that. Sorry, Lord. Didn't mean to teach my little man to take your name in vain. Really! :)

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