Switching purses has never been so simple!

I'm not sure what it is about purses (or jeans) but they have this power over me. I can't seem to ever have enough. My purse collection is staggering and sadly I rarely use most of them. They are neglected not because of dislike but because it is such a pain to move the contents from one purse to another. Unless I have extra time to kill in the mornings (unheard of) then I will go rushing out the door with my current (and probably mis-matched) bag. Enter my handbag hero - the PouchMiss. This is such a simple but genius idea. I think of it as my purse's undergarment. It has 14 pockets built in to this insanely helpful organizer. This is the perfect way to convert any handbag into a diaper bag. You don't have to carry two bags or to tote something decorated with Winnie the Pooh. I love how it organizes the contents of my purse in a way that I can actually find what I am looking for - it has a spot for pens, baby bottles (or water bottles), and comes complete with a matching changing pad that has a clear sleeve built in for a spare diaper. Using the PouchMiss will also protect your pricey handbags from getting covered in spills. When the PouchMiss gets dirty you can just pull it out and wash/dry it. Too easy! There are so many pluses to having one of these helpful products but my favorite is that when I want to change my handbag - I just pull out the PouchMiss from my current bag and place it inside my new bag. It's so quick that I've been able to bring my bags out of hiding and enjoy them all! New moms - this is a great alternative to an expensive diaper bag. The PouchMiss is only $40 and it is so worth it. You can order one online here!

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Keyomi said...

nice product. a lil expensive though.

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