2 Peas In My Old Bed

We recently went out of town and were forced to share a single room for 7 nights. You would be surprised how difficult that can be with a little one who will only sleep in his pack n'play when there is no one in his sight. Since we are still working on our potion for invisibility - he wound up getting to sleep in the bed with his big bro. A thing that made me very nervous each night but that probably had our hotel room neighbors rejoicing because the need to wear ear plugs was no more. Jackson really likes sleeping with Connor. The new sleeping arrangement worked shockingly well, aside from the fact that Jack is a wild nighttime bedfellow and Connor seemed to be forced into the crack separating the wall & bed each night. Perhaps it is Connor's night time fears but he seems to embrace the lack of comfort in exchange for another human in his room. When we got back into to town I wasn't sure if we should go back to the pack n'play or let them continue to sleep together. Jackson was not going to have it any way but his way. That's right, I admit it - my 17 month old gets to make these big decisions for himself. We are letting him chose his own preschool and he also picks out his clothing each morning before he brushes his teeth and prepares his own omelet (eggs whites only of course, he is such a health nut).

Connor inherited our old queen sized bed when we upgraded to a king (something that I was adamant about having during my last pregnancy). So he went from a toddler car shaped bed to an ultra plush memory foam covered queen sized mattress. My then 3 year old was living the life of a high roller. Anyhow, this turned out to be a big help since the boys are both sleeping together in this bed. We put a gate at the door and then tuck them in. I keep waiting for Jackson to get out of the bed and try to escape but thus far he is very happy to be sleeping sans pack n'play. The new found freedom of a bed without screen covered sides is keeping him very happy. It really is the cutest thing to watch him climb up into the big bed with his blanket & monkey. He waits for you to pull the covers up over him and Connor and then snuggles up to his big brother. Seriously, the photo of them in matching duck pjs cuddled up together is both Hallmark card material and future blackmail.

Jackson is hilarious in the mornings too. He gets out of Connor's bed at like 6 am and then instead of trying to escape he enjoys the free reign he has on all of Connor's toys. It's pretty amusing to peek in the door and watch him living it up. Once Connor catches on to Jack's sinister morning activities he just might change his mind about sharing his bed....

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