This toy definitely makes me say WOW

My 18 month old is obsessed with taking tiny people and putting them in & out of vehicles. He can do this for hours on end. It's kinda odd but at least it keeps him entertained. Occasionally he will change things up and push the vehicle around for a minute or two before taking the person out and putting them in again. All that I wanted to get him for Christmas was a toy that was made for his age that let him do this. He wants to play with big bro's toys but I get scared about the tiny pieces. I was seriously shocked at how impossible such a toy was to find. I went to tons of toy stores and combed the aisles of Target. I had pretty much given up when I learned about the great preschool toys from WOW. These are just right for kids age 18 mths and up. My 4 year old enjoys it almost as much his little brother. We had tons of fun playing with Robin's Medical Rescue. It came with 3 people, a stretcher, a wheelchair, and of course the ambulance. It was really easy to place the people in and out of the wheelchair and stretcher - which gave my little guy something to do other than put them in/out of the vehicle. He loved the sliding side door and got a kick out of opening the back ramp. It even had an x-ray machine inside that pushes down to reveal what's going on with the patient. I was really impressed with how well-made the toy was - 11 falls down the stairs and it still looks brand new. My boys like to take the bumpy route to the hospital (it is the fastest according to my oldest). I really love that it doesn't require batteries to be fun. When pulled back the ambulance will drive forward upon release and it will even make realistic engine sounds.

We also got to review the Mix'n'Fix Mike and my sons both loved it. Although they were technically for my youngest - there are constant arguments about who gets to play with it. Just as the ambulance was without the need for batteries, this friction powered cement mixer will go for a stroll when pull back and makes engine sounds. It also makes the mixer go around. My oldest likes to play with it when he is pretending to build train stations and my youngest loves to put the included construction man in and (you guessed it) out of the driver's seat. I am all about these wonderful toys that are battery free, extremely durable, and lots of fun for my two little guys! WOW has a great collection of various vehicle sets for the little one in your life. There are lots to choose from like Jungle Planes, Tow Trucks, even a really cute Pony Adventure set. You can order your own online by visiting Ravensburger.

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