Have your diaper and eat it too..

I always struggle to come up with that "WOW" baby shower gift or the perfect new baby gift. A friend made me a beautiful diaper cake for Jackson's shower and since then I have always loved how adorably cute & useful those special cakes can be. Most of the places I have discovered to purchase them from are way out of my price range. Yes, the gift is meant to impress but not to wipe out my bank account and let's be realistic: it is going to be taken apart at some point. At some of the prices I've seen you'd think it was a wedding cake. Diaper Cakewalk lets you get the "ooohhs & aahhhs" that we want to achieve without breaking the bank. I don't think that you could make one yourself for much less than these cost, plus think about the time and effort you are saving yourself. We all think that we can make it but in the end most of us end up with a lopsided, not so sure what it is, looking creation or you end up running to Target at the last minute because it is just too embarrassing. You might save $5 - $10 but it is so not worth it. However, if you really want to put your personal touch on a diaper cake - you can get a do it yourself diaper cake from Diaper Cakewalk. It is basically a naked cake just waiting for you to embellish (and isn't that the fun part). It's the easy way to show off your inner Martha Stewart.

The Colorful Baby Giraffe Diaper Cake was sent to me to review and I was nothing but impressed with it. I had over 40 premium Pampers Swaddlers, a super-soft vibrant stuffed giraffe with a rattling tummy, baby washcloths, baby powder, and a pacifier. It was wrapped up in beautiful white tulle and carefully packaged to arrive in perfect condition. I would definitely order a Diaper Cake from them for the next baby shower I attend. They have so many cute options for both boy, girl, and unknown. Some of my favorites are the boy Blue Elephant Eco-Friendly and the girl Activity Piggy. The prices vary based on the amount of tiers and extras on the cake. If you are on a tight budget you can get the sweet It's A Girl! Mini Diaper Cake for only $35 (there is also a boy version) - they call them Poundcakes (how cute is that!?!). Basically, if you are looking for any kind of Diaper Cake that is both super cute and easier on your checkbook - Diaper Cakewalk is well....a cakewalk!

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