Make peace with Earth

I spend the vast majority of my time chasing around two gremlins who tend to be covered in peanut butter, jelly, and boogers. Great fun of course, but it has made my style become mainly based on comfort. Which means most of the time I have no style. One of my favorite places to shop is Yes Style and that is because they have lots of comfy options that are actually stylish. I am currently in love with their My Heart Long Sleeve Tee! It's so soft and I really like the bright yellow fleece lettering. It takes a boring tee and steps it up quite a few notches. The light worn in looking material is perfect to pair with jeans and boots (or sneakers). I love that I have found a top that works with my lifestyle but I still feel cute wearing. The message is something I am happy to see blazed upon my chest as well (greatly preferred to all the tees with innuendos all over them). If only this tee could achieve peace with my boys...peace and quiet...peace and sharing....you get the idea. Perhaps once they can read it will be more effective. All in all, for twenty dollars the quality, comfort, and style factor cannot be beat. Snap one up for yourself at Yes Style and while your there take a moment to look at all the great deals. I tend to get lost in the vast array of affordable clothing and still find it hard to believe that there can be so many options in one place.

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