Apparently I gave birth to Macgyver

I spoke way too soon when I wrote about our boys sharing a bed in perfect adorable harmony. I jinxed myself. That lasted about 3 happy days and then we went back to our usual sleepless nights. I am one of those people that needs 8 hours of sleep or the Jekyll side appears. Jackson is solely responsible for the release of my alter ego. He refuses to sleep with Connor and when we tried to go revert back to the pack n'play, he astounded us with his escape skills. He is rapidly up and out of it (how is beyond me) and then magically appearing downstairs with this smirk that says "what ya going to do now?". I can actually picture him in his room laughing sadistically and bending his fingers in a ripple of excitement as he plots his sinister plan. I feel like I am fighting a devious enemy that is out to rob me of my sleep and that takes great pleasure in his success. This mom is powerless against his unique skills and escape artistry. He even tries and sometimes successfully climbs over our safety gates. We already took apart his actual crib because he could set a world record on how fast he could escape from that. He is a skilled climber through & through. Getting on top of the kitchen table to get a cookie - no problem. Finding a way to get to the sink to wash mommy's electronics in faucet water - a cakewalk. Cracking the child safety door handle lock to get inside the bathroom and give his stuffed monkey a toilet water bath - child's play. I am at a complete loss. Where do I put him? I don't mind letting him cry it out but I do mind worrying about him escaping. He cannot continue to sleep with me or I will go insane. TRULY. NEED SLEEP. See I'm so sleepy that I can barely finish my sentences. We never had this problem with Connor. Am I alone? Does anyone have a solution for me? How do I keep him in one place safely when he can escape from the crib & pack n'play? HELP!!

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alissa4illustration said...

I don't have this problem. But...Super Nanny has had this problem on her show. She has the parents take the kid back to their bed over and over again. Give him kisses and tucks the first few times, then nothing after that. Not even a word and no eye contact. It looks tiring the first few nights, but if you stick with it the kid realizes they can not win.

codi said...

oh no...I know kids will find a way to escape. I don't personally know anyone that hasn't had it happen with their kids. I say if he gets up and escapes, scoop him up and put him in bed with you. Calmly explain to him that right now is sleep time and he has to lay down now. Tell him that you put him in your bed so that you could make sure that he is laying down trying to sleep and not getting up and getting into things. Explain to him that mommy needs to be able to see him when he plays so she can make sure he doesn't get hurt. Reassure him that it will be time to play soon, but right now it is time for you both to sleep so that later you can play.
This is just what I picture myself trying. My son is still too young to escape. Good luck!

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