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We all want to look our best in photographs. With the help of Serif's PhotoPlus X3 Studio we can enjoy some of the advantages celebrities have. You can easily brighten your eyes, whiten your teeth, even smooth out some wrinkles in the Makeover Studio. PhotoPlus X3 Studio will also make fixing your photos a breeze. You can crop, resize, brighten, even adjust shadows, and so much more. You can get in touch with your creative side by trying out the different artistic styles, adding special effects, you can even warp or animate your images. I loved the easy to use cutting tool that allowed me to remove the person or object from a photo - then place them into a different image or solid background. I spend lots of time editing photos and I was really impressed by this program. It was very simple to use and the how-to menu made it even easier. I learned how to do many things just by watching their video tutorials (which I also found inspiring). The images I have created using this program are my favorites. They are the photos that will be appearing the Christmas calendar that I give out to grandparents and on our Christmas card. They are the photos that fill my brag book. If you know someone who loves to take pictures or fiddle with images, even just someone who likes to be able to crop & remove red-eye, this is a great gift for them! I'm addicted and I have the fabulous photos to prove it!
  • Wrap it up: Why not package this software with a photo album or if you are going for a bug impact - add a digital camera to the gift box.
  • Price Tag: $59.99
  • Where to buy: Serif

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