Julie Hewett's Holiday Palettes

Finding the right makeup colors for the holidays can be a little tricky. The beautiful palettes from Julie Hewett take the guess work away. They had me before I even opened it to reveal the gorgeous colors. I absolutely love the black & white packaging! The Noelle Palette lives up to it's outer wrapping. It has the 3 shadows needed to give you a sexy, sultry eye. They are perfect for shading or quite beautiful on their own as well. I absolutely love the delicate pale white Pola shadow. I will be wearing it long after the holiday season!! The palette also has a vivid raspberry cheek color that does double duty as a lip color! All that you need for a fabulous face is in this chic, easy to tote palette!
  • Wrap it up: You can't go wrong giving this to your best friends or as a stocking stuffer. I have a feeling my younger sister might discover this under the tree (so hopefully she isn't reading this)!
  • Price Tag: $42
  • Where to buy: Julie Hewett

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