A band that will let me join!

I'm sure the rest of the world has already stumbled unto the fun of Guitar Hero but for me Band Hero was my first experience. I had NO idea how additively fun it would be! Seriously, don't be surprised to see me rocking out after midnight after my family has gone to sleep. The Band Hero Kit comes with the microphone, drums, and guitar that you need to get your band up and running. This is so much fun for the whole family! My husband and I will play an instrument and then watch my 4 year old become the singing star. Seeing as how he doesn't know any songs but Johnny Cash he mostly makes up the lyrics but it is so fun to watch. The game allows you to set the difficulty level for each player, that way our son can be on beginner and we can play something a little more challenging. This is destined to become a party favorite too! We can't wait to have friends over and play Band Hero. With cool features like Sing Along where 4 players can easily jump in and sing just like karoake (no scoring) and Party Play where you can join in & out of songs with the click of a button (no worry of failing), this is the perfect game for friends & family nights!! You can even add another guitar to the mix, increasing the size of your band. You can actually use any combination of instruments - even 4 microphones, making the ultimate karoake style showdown or your new boy/girl band. We have the whole family over for Christmas Eve and always wear ridiculous pjs and play games. This year I can't wait to see my grandpa singing along and my mom attempting the drums!

I loved the selection of songs on this game! It had so many of my favorites like Evanescence, Taylor Swift, the Bravery, Hinder, Dashboard Confessional, No Doubt, even Duffy. With 63 songs by 63 artists - there is sure to be something for everyone. You can get it on Playstation 2 & 3, XBox360, Wii, or Nintendo DS. If you have it for both Wii and DS then you can actually link up during play for roadie battles, freestyle, and to create a playlist. We have the Wii version and it was very easy to use. All we had to do to use the drums or guitar was to plug in one of our remotes - then we were cord free! I love the guitar and am learning (slowly) to play the drums. The drums are much harder than I anticipated. I guess it just further proves how uncoordinated my hands and feet are when used together. Band Hero is a holiday gift that will not disappoint anyone on your shopping list - dads, (even my dad), teens, college kids, and mom too!
  • Wrap it up: Already have some instruments? You can purchase the game separately and then play with the instruments you already own.
  • Age: 10+
  • Price Tag: $179.99 (Wii, XBox360 & Playstation 3), $159.99 (Playstation 2), and $27.99+ for the game only
  • Where to Buy: ToysRUs, Walmart, Target, Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy, and Costco

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