Organic Pampering for your man

Shopping for my husband is the hardest part of my holiday gift list. He is never clear about what he wants, hates for people to spend money on him (especially ours), and rarely shows any excitement about a present. It's kind of a losing battle. Every now and then I get lucky and stumble upon a gift he does appreciate. While he would be hesitant to admit it - he does care a great deal about his skin. The Organic Pharmacy has an ultra pampering Men's Grooming Gift that includes 2 products to get his skin glowing. This is just one of those things most guys won't buy for themselves but they will really love having. The Deep Cleansing Face Wash will cleanse, protect, and decongest. The gentle formula will remove the days gunk from his face and leave it feeling soothed and moisturized. It uses ingredients like aloe, seaweed, green tea, and even vitamin C. Inside the gift is also the Ultra Light Moisture Gel (which I secretly love to use). It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, revived, energized, and hydrated. It works quickly and the antioxidants in it's formula will protect his skin from the elements throughout the day. It even has a bit of licorice in the gel to soothe his skin. If you purchased the two items separately it would cost you almost $100 - when you get the gift set it saves you $10 plus it comes wrapped up in a pretty gift box!
  • Wrap it up: This gift set does all the work for you!
  • Price Tag: $90
  • Where to buy: The Organic Pharmacy

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