A hamster, duck, and turtle walked into a school...

Lets just start off by saying how much we like the Wonder Pets at our house. My 4 year old gets some serious enjoyment out of watching this little hero's rescue animals from trouble. The theme song is permanently playing in my head. Now that they have teamed up with Mega Bloks, the Wonder Pets can save the day in your home. My boys are having so much playing with the cute sets! They love the Wonder Pets Buildable Fly Boat. If you are familiar with the show - this is the vehicle they use on their rescue missions. It's basically their batmobile. The big blocks are easy to build with and even my youngest (15 months) was able to play. He really loves putting the characters into the boat and then zooming it around. Of course to really get the full experience of a day in the life of the Wonder Pets - you need their home (aka the hideaway). The School House Bucket is filled with blocks to build onto the outside of their school house. It even has a cute little vehicle inside (my little guys favorite part). My oldest liked to pretend that the inside of the bucket was their cage and that they sleep there at night. This worked out really good because he wouldn't give me trouble about putting the pieces back inside the bucket, although he was very particular about how they were arranged. I like the new take on superheros and I think these cute sets are a wonderful way to combine the fun series with imaginative building. They are perfect for younger children who are just starting to build with bloks!
  • Wrap it up: It would be super cute to give one or both of the sets with a DVD of some of the Wonder Pets episodes. They could reenact them as they watch!
  • Age: 2 - 4
  • Price Tag: $20.99+
  • Where to buy: ToysRUs

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