Calendar Charms that celebrate your special day

Not Just Any Old Day has the perfect item to commemorate that special day in your life. Whether it be your wedding day, your child's birthday, even your birthday. Everyone has a special day in there life and this is the perfect way to highlight it. I love the beautiful Calendar Charm Necklaces. The antique feel of the skeleton style key appeals to me from the first glance. You can put the swarovski crystal of your choosing on the date that matters to you. The end result is a stunning piece of jewelry that you will treasure. I was lucky enough to have one created for the special moments in my life - all of which took place in August. My wedding and the birth of both my sons were all in August. They were able to put 3 swarovski cystals on my calendar charm to show each date! I get so many compliments and questions about this one of a kind necklace. I think it is the perfect gift for any mother or grandmother. It would also make a touching present for a new bride. I am beyond impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of the necklace. It is truly beautiful. You can get yours in sterling silver or if you want to go all the way, you can purchase one in 14k gold with a diamond!! You can also get calendar charm bracelets, cuffs, even key rings!

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